Some are attracted by the lavish lifestyle and some by the growth opportunities it provides. Yes, the United States is a dream of many and for various reasons that we will discuss in this article. Apart from lifestyle and opportunities, US also has some of the best educational institutions in the world. There not be a single person in this world who is not fascinated by United States. This country has always lured immigrants with its stable economy, natural picturesque and excellent lifestyle.

The number of Immigrants in US stood at a staggering 47.3 million. Since the 1960s, the number of immigrants flocking to the US has been increasing considerably. Of these, the greatest number of immigrants arrive in US for better education, higher salary and more growth opportunities. Also, US has in 2016 provided public health insurance to 36 percent of immigrants.

Reasons might vary from person to person for United States immigration. Here are the top reasons why people want to immigrate to the United States:


Along with varied jobs the employment opportunities in US are quite good. It offers a wide range of employment opportunities that are dignified and offer a good pay. A sophisticated life is a dream of every ambitious person and United States fulfills this with excellent employment opportunities to the deserving candidates.

Further, the minimum salary for low paying jobs is also substantial enough to sustain a good life. Further, for high paying jobs, you can easily enroll in many of the multinational companies and startups located in United States. With companies like FaceBook, Google, General Electronics and so on, immigrants have the option to make a great career in STEM related fields. See the essential documents required for US immigration.

With a dream to grab a good job and settle embracing a better life, many deserving individuals come to United States. United States also welcomes the deserving candidates to come here work and contribute towards growth of the economy.


There is no doubt that educational institutions located in the States are some of the best in the world. MIT, Harvard, Wharton and the other acclaimed Ivy League schools offer premium education along with great employment opportunities.

Further, you have the option to study alongside some of the great minds. The connections you make in these schools will help you in advancing your career at a very rapid rate. It creates a landmark in the resume that further helps to get a respectable job among all the major countries world wide. These institutions not only provide the finest quality education but also polish the students that lightens their personality as well as career. See How to get a US student visa (for Indian Students) from India.

Students who want to pursue academics further and want to go into research are in for a treat. US spends top bucks to finance the research institutions.You’ll have the opportunity work with great minds and to learn about state of the art technologies. Thus, making a successful career and great life. Get free profile eligibility assesment for the USA student visa online.


The minimum wage in United States is high enough to enable a good sustainable living for people. It supports a better living as well as save for the future. The employment rate is close to 4% and has been the lowest in a decade. Further, the GDP growth rate currently has reached above 4%, guaranteeing that there will be more jobs to come. This helps to gain a high standard of living and a dignified life. Apply for the USA work visa here via Immigrate Radvision World.


These are the top reasons why people want to move to the United States. If you want to immigrate to the USA then you must need to know about these facts before immigrate to the USA. Continue reading..