Newzealand Study Visa

New Zealand Student Visa

Study in NewZealandIndian nationals desirous of following more education in New Zealand ought to apply to New Zealand embassy (Immigration New Zealand) for a student visa via TT Services Pvt Ltd. an official of the Immigration New Zealand can select the scholar visa application supported the data provided within the application.

At international Opportunities, in accordance with our declared mission of making “Successful international Graduates”, we offer you with a finish to finish skilled steering in compilation and lodging the scholar visa application to Immigration New Zealand through their business partners in India M/s TT Services Pvt Ltd.


To get a visa to review in New Zealand you and therefore the programme of study you plan to review should meet Immigration New Zealand’s necessities. If you’re enrolling in an exceedingly programme of study for the primary time, you would like to possess a suggestion of place from a replacement New Zealand education providers. For student visa document checklist click here.

The offer of a place:

An offer should include:

  • The education provider’s name and phone details
  • The name of the programme of study and therefore the minimum time needed for finishing it, and
  • Proof that the programme of study and programme of study provider meet New Zealand’s necessities for international students, and
  • The number of the fee for the entire programme of study, or if the programme of study is longer than one year, the annual fee, and
  • Whether or not you’ve got to pay tuition fees
  • Whether or not the fees square measure domestic or foreign fees, and
  • Whether or not the study is full-time or part-time, and
  • Confirmation all necessities beneath the Code of following for the Pastoral Care of International Students met (including accommodation for beneath eighteen-year-olds and programme of study prerequisites).

Tertiary Education Providers

Tertiary education providers offer a programme of study to international students if they meet sure conditions.

  • Personal coaching institutions (PTEs) will solely provide international students approved the programme of study that is longer than 3 months and registered with the NZQA. The PTE should be authorized by the NZQA to supply the programme of study.
  • Establishments, as well as universities, polytechnics, schools of education and wananga, will solely provide an approved programme of study that square measure longer than 3 months and registered with the NZQA. The establishment should be authorized to supply the course. The registration of a world student should not stop a replacement Zealand student or AN NZAP student from gaining an area at a similar establishment.

Health And Character

You have to satisfy our health and character necessities and influence the us that your intent is real. Some folks that have committed serious crimes won’t be allowed into New Zealand in the least.

Evidence Of Funds To Support Yourself

To gain a student visa we would like to envision that you just able to meet your living prices throughout your keep.

Evidence might include:

  • Enough cash command in New Zealand by you, or on your behalf,
  • A money enterprise to hide your accommodation and living prices,
  • Support by an appropriate sponsor to hide your accommodation and living prices, or
  • Money help obtainable to you beneath aid programmes operated in New Zealand by a bureau.

Proof That You Just Decide to Leave

So that we have a tendency to positive that you just can leave New Zealand once you have finished your programme of study, we’ll like proof of however you’ll leave New Zealand. as an example, we have a tendency to might want to envision travel tickets out of recent Zealand to a rustic you’re allowed to enter, or proof of enough cash command in New Zealand, further to the funds you’ll have for your living expenses. Click here for visa fee details


You must have a passport that’s valid for a minimum of 3 months past the tip of your supposed keep.

Visa Condition

Once you’ve got a student visa, you need to meet sure conditions throughout your keep. • you need to attend the place of the study noted on your visa. However, you will apply to change your programme of study and/or education providers.

  • If you’ve got to be among a guardian, you need to stomach that person.
  • you need to be able to show that you just square measure passing your course and meeting your group action necessities.
  • You will solely undertake work allowed by your student visa.
  • You need to confirm New Zealand’s laws.
  • You need to solely keep in New Zealand for the time allowed by your visa.

If you breach any of those conditions you will accountable for deportation.

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What’s Next?

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