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NewZealand Business Visa ConsultantsTo be eligible to file a Business Visa petition to NewZealand Immigration Consultants under Long Term Business Category, there are a number of conditions you need to meet like to be in good health and of good character to have a reasonable standard of English to have a sound business plan like a project report of the intended business in NewZealand Immigration Consultants in New Delhi, India. Evidence that you have enough money set aside from investment funds to support yourself and any partner or children coming with you If you are not sure you meet all these requirements, your application may be declined.

Active Business Investor Migrant Category

The new Active Investor Migrant policy is divided into three sub-categories The three categories have been segmented on the basis of the migrant’s potential contribution and according to the level of risk.

  • Global investors
  • Professional investors
  • General (Active) investors.

The category Business investors apply under will depend on their potential to contribute to New Zealand in financial and human capital, the amount of investment and the activeness of that investment.  The investment must be active or semi-active (having money in a bank account will not meet the policy requirements, nor will investment in residential property development).

The three tiers are:  

  • Global Investors – top priority category for high-value Business investors investing $20 million (including at least $5 million in active investment).
  • Professional Investors – a second priority category for Business Immigrants investing $10 million (including at least $2 million actively).
  • General (Active) Investors – a category for those investing a minimum of $2.5 million. Applicants selected through a points system.

The General (Active) investor category will be a points-based system to prioritize migrants on the basis of their potential to contribute to New Zealand businesses.  The points system will recognize:

  • The importance of having both financial and human capital
  • The benefit of active investment
  • The value of export linkages, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and management skills.

The NZ government has set an annual cap on the number of places available under the Active Investor Migrant policy at 1000 people (around 300 applications). Global and Professional investors will be selected first and the remaining places will be available to the General (Active) investor category.

How Is It Different To The Current Policy?

There have been several changes to the Business investor category over the last ten years in an effort to ensure the policy continues to meet its objective. That objective is to facilitate residence for those Immigrants who have potential to make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economic transformation.

The below-mentioned policy was introduced in 2005. This policy requires that $2 million is deposited with the government, with a return equal to the rate of inflation. The policy was designed to ensure only genuine investors, committed to living in New Zealand and with the ability to contribute long-term to the New Zealand economy and society would gain residence.

Active investment, on the other hand, is about creating a closer link between investor migrants and NewZealand Immigration consultants businesses.  A more active investment would ensure that investor migrants are more likely to utilize their human and financial capital to support New Zealand’s economic development.

Current policy1. Global Investor Category 2. Professional Investor3. General (Active) Investor – points system
Investment capital$2M for 5 years. Deposit with the government.$20M for 4 years. At least $5M active.$10M for 4 years. At least $2M active$2.5M for 4 years. Must be at least semi-active.
Min. business experience5 years4 years4 years4 years
Max. ageUp to 54NoneUp to 64Up to 54
Clinical dental therapist IELTS 5NoneIELTS 4IELTS 5
Min. settlement fundsNoneNoneNone$1M
Min. time in NZ20% in total20% every year30% every year40% every year

If your application under the Long Term Business Category is approved, in the first instance you will be granted a Work Permit that expires after nine months. This allows you the time to take steps to establish your business. Before the nine months have expired you can apply for a further Work Permit to take your stay up to a total of three years.

To gain a further permit, you need to show that you’re making reasonable progress in setting up your business. This could include:

  • A certificate of incorporation or other documents that provide evidence of the business’ constitution
  • Audited accounts, GST and other tax records
  • Documents showing property lease or purchase by the business
  • Invoices for business equipment and supplies
  • Other documents such as employment agreements, bank statements, invoices from phone and power companies.

There are many other benefits that come with the business Immigrant Visa to the migrant like education for children till 12th standard is subsidized and the spouse and other family members can also accompany the Business migrant to NewZealand Immigration consultants.

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