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Canada Business VisaThe Canada Business Visa Consultants desires you to meet bound necessities to be able to go and estimate business deals. first off associate degree human for this visa should understand that the Canadian Business Visa is granted for a number of 6 months to until the validity of the passport and visa issuing is at the discretion of the Immigration workplace.

The Basic Requirements

The granting of the Canada Business Visa conjointly depends on some different crucial things like, wherever the human goes to measure within the country and what’s the aim of his or her visit to the country. an individual getting in Canada on a business visa should understand that aiming to take up employment within the country can build them ineligible. Our Canada Business Visa Consultants help with your required information.

Other Important Rules

Knowing that you simply should leave Canada on or before the ending of your business visa is additionally vital. this can assist you to set up your activities throughout your keep in an exceedingly higher manner. curiously your business visit visa permits you to enter Canada together with a dependent and your kids. The visa is helpful for people who want to explore business prospects hash out on dealing or attend a conference meeting.
You could conjointly represent the leader in attending business conferences, conferences, seminars. Your eligibility more depends on numerous things as well as the finances to support your letter from inviting company. Consult coordinate axis for additional data on a similar.


• The Canada Business Visa permits you to explore business prospects, hash out on dealing, set-up method for his business to attend a conference meeting, representing the leader or self for the on top of mentioned reasons.
• You will travel through Canada on Business purpose.


To apply for the Canada Business Visa the subsequent eligibility criteria ought to be met:
• Supporting financial documents.
• Letters of sponsorships from the host country.
• Employment/Business letters.

Process Timing

The process time when a submission is twenty-seven operating days(May Vary).

Process Methods

Our Full-Service Includes:

• Advising on the simplest strategy to maximize the possibilities of obtaining the visa.
• Documentation recommendation.
• Filling of forms.
• Reviewing the documents.

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