Jobs In Poland

How to Get Jobs in Poland?

Jobs in Poland, Jobs In PolandWhile the Republic of Poland has the biggest economy in central Europe, while starting jobs in Poland its recent growth has suffered from a holdup and therefore the expensive welfare system hasn’t helped. However, the state is falling and it’s currently born below the EU Union average.

Their area unit many jobs in Poland accessible for foreigners agency are considering the of Poland as a piece destination – after all, it’s become one among the biggest BPO/SSC  in Europe.

Although the bulk of the country’s manpower is within the services sector, alternative main industries embody chemicals, coal mining, food process, iron and steel, glass, machine building, building, and textiles.

Graduate-level positions are accessible for folks with extremely sought-after language or IT skills in areas admire telecommunications, technology, and provision. you will additionally realize opportunities in banking and finance, education, management and touristy.

There are many multinationals based mostly in the of Poland additionally as major native firms, including:

  • Agora SA
  • Asseco Group
  • FCA Group
  • GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Poland
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Nordea Group
  • Orange European country
  • PKN Orlen
  • PKO Bank Polski
  • Poznan Volkswagen
  • RBS Poland
  • T-Mobile Polska
  • The Toyota Motor Poland.

For a useful guide to the Polish labor market and international firms based mostly in the of Poland, see the Careers In  Europe Here.

To learn regarding the business services sector above all, scan the Business Services Sector In of Poland 2017 report, by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), that you’ll transfer from their publications page.

In addition to giant businesses with a presence in the of Poland, the country is home to some roaring start-ups – let’s say, LiveChat, Brand24, Estimate, and Brainly.

How Can You Get Jobs in Poland?

Most staff apply for jobs in Poland from their home country, generally through a jobs portal, or realize go through an international company with offices in Poland.

As well as non-public accomplishment agencies, those getting back from EU member states or the EU Economic space (EEA) will build use of the services provided by Polish district labor offices for assistance on obtaining jobs in Poland.

Similar to the United Kingdom, if you want to figure for a selected organization, you may send them a speculative application directly employing a CV and cover letter. However, the bulk of employers expect applications to be written within the Polish language unless it’s explicit that English is appropriate.

Should you be invited for an interview, if you are from a non-EU country it is vital to visualize whether or not you will 1st like a visa from your native Polish embassy before booking your travel.

Summer jobs in Poland

During the busy summer season, you will be able to realize casual add hotels, restaurants, and bars – additionally as at giant firms. Check the work sites on top of for vacancies with the latter, apply with speculation or, if you are already within the country, enquire personally.

An alternative manner of up your employability within the eyes of prospective Polish employers is to pay your time volunteering.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) may be a programme funded by the EU Commission, which supplies 17-30-year-olds the chance to volunteer for between period of time and twelve months in a very variety of nations, as well as the jobs in Poland. this can be a good thanks to gain expertise and learn a brand new language.

Unpaid and full-time placements might involve a variety of activities, with comes accessible in social care, environmental protection, cultural activities and youth work. Travel, accommodation, food, and insurance are lined by each grant for roaring candidates, whereas you will even be eligible to receive ‘pocket money’ with jobs in Poland.

Teaching jobs in Poland

Teaching English as a remote language is one among the foremost accessible jobs in Poland for native English speakers living in and jobs in Poland. you will need a decent Bachelors degree and therefore the right teaching qualifications to be thought-about for these programmes, which generally last for one year. For additional data on teaching English in Poland.


By securing an associate spot, you may offer your CV a lift whereas gaining valuable work expertise. it should additionally give you with a plus once applying for graduate jobs.

With a variety of worldwide businesses having a presence in Poland, you’ll take a glance at their individual websites, or strive the speculative approach and call firms on to enquire regarding coaching opportunities.

internships in teaching and business in varied Polish cities.

Polish visas

If you are a national of the EU you’ll move to Poland and start your explore for work like a shot, while not the requirement for a piece allows. However, as you will likely be operating for over 3 months, you will need to get a brief residence allow, that lasts for up to 3 years. this will be organized at your nearest Voivodeship workplace.

EU nationals may be entitled to own sure forms of health and Social Security coverage transferred to the country during which they are going to hunt work. For country-specific data, see the EU Commission.

In order to qualify for a piece allow, non-EU staff can typically like a politician employment supply from a Polish company, among alternative stipulations.

Language necessities

As Polish is spoken by the overwhelming majority of the population, proficiency is probably going to be a pre-requisite for several jobs in Poland. However, English is spoken among some tutorial, business, and skilled communities, additionally because of the younger generation.

Polish language courses are controlled across the united kingdom, whereas several sensible websites, exist to assist you to learn a language or improve your skills. develop a number of basic words and phrases at BBC Languages – Polish and Study In Poland.

How to justify your qualifications to employers

Poland may be a member of the Bologna method and a part of the EU teaching space (EHEA), therefore you must realize that your Britain qualifications are cherished their Polish equivalent, and can so be totally recognized by employers. For any details on comparisons with Polish qualifications.

However, if it’s a necessity to urge your qualifications evaluated – let’s say, to figure in a very regulated profession in Poland – you’ll search the list of professions with specific necessities.

What it wishes to add in Poland

Polish staff is usually as happy with their operating conditions and quality of life because the European average, though flexibility in operating hours is below this benchmark. Annual leave generally stands at twenty days each year. whereas regular work hours are generally 8am-4pm, operating past 5 pm is usually expected.

The authoritarian company culture is starting to crumble to a additional open dialogue between managers and their workers. whereas Poles are typically terribly open, friendly and tolerant, the sensible business dress is that the norm and conferences may be formal, direct and skilled.

In the workplace, be ready to deal with folks by their skilled title and cognomen instead of their given name – and avoid shaking hands in a very entry, as locals would possibly think about this to bring dangerous luck.

Not understanding the Polish language may be a barrier to communication, particularly with the older generation, therefore aim to be told it before you arrive.

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