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Real Estate Jobs and Opportunities In India

Real Estate JobsInfrastructure and real estate jobs may be a sector that has the potential to alter the face of the country and form an impressive career of a private. though choked with challenges, the arena is extremely rewardable. you’ll generate huge wealth for yourself and have the satisfaction of doing one thing for the state, each at a similar time.

A career in infrastructure and assets trade needs all the abilities that are required to float a freelance business. in this context, you wish to own many connections and contacts and should build sturdy relationships to urge business. getting of lands, plots, flats, homes, and villas then reselling a similar needs sturdy marketing skills moreover.

Real Estate Jobs In India, attributable to international economic meltdown, the important estate trade touched very cheaply throughout the year 2009. As a result, many infrastructures and real estate consultants went out of work. However, true now could be stable and construction work has once more begun full-swing. the main earnings in each of these industries come back by marketing the product love flats, industrial areas, and bridges.


Usually, students complete their twelfth commonplace and pursue a distance education if they want to run a real estate business. to figure on the technical aspect then to urge employment within the assets and infrastructure trade, you’ll complete a degree in applied science or construction engineering from any engineering school across the country. Besides technical real estate jobs, you may be Master of Business in sales and selling or negotiation or hold a degree in business communication to urge started with a construction company. The roles you’ll be offered would be that of sales manager, sales executives, construction executives, then on betting on the corporate.

You would need information within the following areas overall:

  1. Technical aspects of building and construction
  2. Latest news on market costs per sq. feet of home/land/plots in several areas
  3. Stocks and shares standing of assorted firms
  4. Varied selling, selling, and valuation ways to draw in customers
  5. A giant network of shareholders or consumers

If you’re ready with the on top of mentioned, you’ll achieve making a distinct segment for yourself within the real estate jobs trade.

Start Early

As explicit on top of, if you want to begin a standalone assets business, you’ll build contacts for getting raw materials, supervising and laborers and begin a business at your risk. Banks might provide you with loans betting on the size of business. Otherwise, you’ll complete a degree in applied science then apply for real estate jobs.

Is it the proper Career for Me?

Infrastructure and real estate are that the right career for you if you’ve got liking and keenness for creating megabucks, the inclination to 24/7 toil, and also the ability to guide and supervise a team of builders, consultants, laborers and web site managers.

As a builder, the task involves getting cement, mortar, bricks and raw materials then hiring laborers and designers. It conjointly entails getting recent properties and encumbered or controversial lands and plots or homes then lawfully changing them into vendible properties initial. Next comes the marketing half wherever you’ll want sturdy coordination skills to catch business. Howsoever troublesome the task could seem in the starting, it provides a beautiful chance to earn rather more cash than the other profession.

Especially in India, there are many well-liked websites  www.99acres.com and more other that permit individuals to shop for and sell properties across the country. These websites act as mediators between consumers and sellers and build the task terribly straightforward. Advertisements in newspapers are a supply of developing business.

What would it not value Me?

An applied science degree would price you anyplace between Rs 60,000 to 1,00,000 p.a. betting on the non-public school you decide on in your individual state. Else, if you seem for national entrance tests and succeed to urge into any of the highest faculties love IITs or Delhi School of Engineering, the fees might take issue.

As another, you’ll pursue Master in Business in sales and marketing and apply for business jobs in assets agencies.


If you want to borrow a loan from a bank, the advised bank is a bank of Bharat, that offers a loan of up to Rs. 7.5 lacs. because it may be a commercial bank, the loan and reimbursement ways are safe and secure.

Job Prospects

The Real Estate jobs and Infrastructure trade offers jobs for positions love assets sales executives, property managers, estate managers, IT manager- assets, and Professors, to call many.

While skilled job sites supply a lot of technical opportunities, you’ll conjointly become a section of the development team if you’re an applied scientist or an architect! but, the development of jobs is relatively tedious compared with alternative field sales jobs.

On the opposite hand, jobs in infrastructure would come with civil engineers, infrastructure managers, store or warehouse managers and inventory executives.

Pay Packages

The pay for assets sales executives might begin from a minimum of Rs. 15,000 and go up to Rs. 50,000 supported the business you bring. If you’ve got been employed on a commission basis for the material possession or mortgage department in a very bank or non-public funding firms, you’ll earn proportionately to the business relationships you build.

As an applied scientist, you’ll be placed as structures managers with high firms for the next beginning earnings of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Demand and supply

The demand for civil engineers and infrastructure managers is relatively low compared with IT engineers or natural philosophy and Telecommunications engineers. However, once placed in these positions, the engineers get paid quite high and have ample scope to travel abroad to alternative countries love Japan.

Infrastructure selling and engineering conjointly involve getting latest technology machines for construction. Besides, the availability of engineers is typically higher compared with the demand.

Market Watch

The Real Estate and Infrastructure market typically is on an upswing unless there are economic crises love the worldwide recession of 2009. Every day, newspapers show over a 1,000 advertisements concerning the new constructions, IT Parks, industrial areas and cluster societies.

Currently, these teams are that specializes in the residential area areas of metros love metropolis. and turning out with cheaper choices for socio-economic class families.

In this regard, real estate jobs for engineers, architects, and construction managers are ample.

International Focus

Most of the necessary builders use latest machines, processes, and technologies to construct buildings and IT parks. as an example, if you concentrate on the skyscrapers at Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai’s sophisticated cities, the buildings loom abundant on top of twenty floors and stand on solid steel pillars and latest technology construction techniques. These techniques are borrowed from developed countries love us, Japan and European country.



  • The event and quick paced technological growth during this field offer a good kind of real estate job opportunities.


  • The trade has its ups and downs. as an example, throughout the recession of 2009, many assets professionals were impoverished because of a shortage of funds.
  • The task is risky, might need in-depth travel, finance an initial Brobdingnagian quantity of cash then on. If one has stocks and shares, the risks additional go up relying upon the increase and fall of market costs.

Different Roles, completely different Names

Real Estate jobs refer to assembling of home properties and official areas. On the opposite hand, Infrastructure business deals with building bridges, giant scale IT parks et al. the sort of workers each these businesses recruit typically have a similar set of responsibilities however the scope of role varies in each. The sales manager within the assets trade sells a home and gets business for the agency kind of like what a sales manager in a very bank will by marketing loans or mutual funds and credit cards. though the trade has established a separate niche, the opportunities are a similar however far better paying compared with alternative industries particularly for engineers and sales officers at a bigger scale.

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