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Digital Marketing Jobs in  India

Digital Marketing Jobs68% of Brands leverage Digital Marketing jobs to push their merchandise and services with a digital marketing.

42% of Brands still use social media marketing as their primary design of digital marketing

33% of Brands apportion over 40% of their marketing budget take into account digital

40% of Brands say lead generation is their primary objective behind digital marketing

Social Beat, one amongst India’s leading digital marketing solutions company, discharged its Digital marketing trade Report 2018 when the primary edition, Digital marketing trade Report 2016. The second edition of this annual report provides a comprehensive scrutinize however firms nowadays square measure exploitation digital marketing to push their brands. 212 CMOs, CXOs and complete Custodians across a spread of industries in India participated in this survey over of 1 month. the assorted industries that were lined during this survey enclosed Startups/Apps (16%), realty (14%), Education (12%), Media/Entertainment (12%), E-Commerce (9%), Retail/FMCG (7%), attention (6%) and Travel (2%). The remaining 22% comprised of industries falling on the far side of these eight sectors. With such a various sample, this report provides a whole image of digital marketing in India.

The survey disclosed the growing influence of digital marketing, with 68% brands presently exploitation digital marketing jobs in their promotional methods, whereas below 11th of September use print ads, radio, and tv. Commenting on the findings of the report. “One of the foremost vital insights gained from this report is that brands across all industries are setting out to use additional of digital methods in their overall selling efforts, as compared to ancient media. this can be terribly encouraging as a result of it means the utilization of digital marketing goes to become progressively vital for brands.”

Along with the inflated use of digital marketing, brands are setting out to apportion larger parts of their overall selling budgets for digital. whereas 57% of brands surveyed pay below Rs. 50,000 per month on digital marketing, as several as 21% pay between Rs. 50,000-2 lakhs per month. to boot, 33% of brands apportion quite 40% of their total marketing take into account digital marketing alone. This increase in digital marketing jobs spends is crucial for brands if they need to succeed in dead set India’s Next Billion internet Users in Tier two And Tier three Cities And Towns.

The report conjointly reveals what results brands are wanting to realize through their digital marketing efforts. 51% of brands use social engagement because the primary parameter to live the effectualness of a digital marketing campaign.  “This shows that brands hope to determine a private connect with their customers by keeping them working on social media. Maintaining a robust digital presence will encourage complete awareness and loyalty among audiences.”

Facebook continues to dominate with 49% of brands speech that it provides them the simplest results. Following closely is Google and with 32%, whereas LinkedIn and Instagram have 13% and 7%  severally. The 2018 report conjointly shows a diversification within the platforms used for digital marketing. whereas antecedently, 89.25% of brands used Facebook in keeping with the 2016 report, they’re currently making an attempt out a bigger kind of digital marketing channels. 50%  of brands currently use Google and Instagram, whereas 40%  use Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This conjointly clearly points to the huge quality Instagram has gained over the last year among digital marketers.

One of the foremost attention-grabbing findings from this survey was the shifting selling objectives of brands. in the 2016 Digital marketing trade Report, 72%  completes according to brand awareness was their primary goal. within the 2018 report, however, a majority of brands same lead generation and sales were their biggest goal from digital marketing.  “These numbers mean that brands are realizing the potential of digital marketing jobs and seeking measurable results from it. Digital marketing jobs in India is showing a transparent evolution in terms of quality and execution.”

Leads have clearly become one amongst the largest priorities for brands, with 42%  speech that Generating High-Quality Leads was a region they might wish to improve upon within the future. Effective methods like personalized Home Pages For Lead Conversion are seeming to become additional vital.

For most brands, social media marketing continues to be the largest style of digital marketing used. whereas 42%  of brands use social media, brands are exploitation landing pages (21%) and search engine optimization (7-8%) for his or her digital marketing efforts. Content marketing, Influencer selling, design advertising and mobile apps are growing in quality.

The Digital marketing trade Report 2018 clearly shows the growing importance of digital marketing in each trade. Digital marketers in India ought to seize this chance to deliver quantitative, vital results for brands through a spread of innovative methods.

Conclusion: Being fastest growing industry in India, there is a lot of new jobs opening in Digital Marketing. What the thing is we all should know about the importance of Digital Marketing and we should share our knowledge about the industry with everybody else.

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