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Finding a Jobs in Portugal

Jobs in PortugalIf you are looking jobs in Portugal, here’s a orient the way to notice employment in Portugal and necessities for Portuguese work permits.

Finding jobs in Portugal has been tougher in recent years as a result of the country’s slump, however, their signs of economic and job improvement. With the correct qualifications and analysis, it will be doable to search out an honest job otherwise you would possibly think about beginning your own business and jobs in Portugal.

You may notice some obstacles to finding jobs in Portugal. There is a growing range of graduates so competition within the job market has enhanced, nonetheless, are still shortages for top proficient staff and in growing industries. you’ll conjointly examine finding jobs in Portugal to induce you started together with your job search in a Poland.

  • Read regarding the duty market, job vacancies, languages needs, work permits in Portugal
  • A list of resources of wherever to search out jobs in Portugal
  • Applying for Jobs in Portugal

The job market in a Portugal

Unemployment remains comparatively high in Portugal, calculable at around 12.4 % within the June 2016 (www.ine.pt), though youth state (under 25) Sat around 30% and regarding 4% of the registered state was from foreigners in Jan 2016. However, some industries still report a shortage of proficient staff, appreciate the IT sector, health sector, touristry sector (although these jobs tend to be seasonal), the agricultural sector and communications/call center sector.

The pay in Portugal is about annually, set at around EUR 530 per month in 2016. additionally, to a basic pay, full-time staff in Portugal are entitled to an annual Christmas bonus adequate to one month’s pay in Dec, and a vacation bonus once a year.

Workers in Portugal conjointly have to be compelled to pay tax and social insurance contributions from their wage – with what proportion counting on the quantity you earn. If you secure a full-time of a part-time job with a Portuguese company, they’ll deduct your contributions from your monthly pay.

Available jobs in Poland

The touristry business is significant to Portugal’s economy, with a range of seasonal and part-time jobs on providing across the business, significantly in edifice and job. In recent years, the decision center business has conjointly boomed, providing sensible opportunities for multi-lingual staff, whereas the automotive trade and repair sector and construction showed some job growth. because the producing sector modernizes, a lot of specialist jobs are being created in a Portugal. Check out here about jobs in Portugal.

For graduates trying to figure for the massive corporations, the port is that the ideal place to be, with multi-national corporations, appreciate Nokia, Samsung and Nestle placed here, also because of the headquarters of Energies American state Portugal telecommunication.

The Portuguese government is additionally presently encouraging entrepreneurs to begin up businesses and has to place EUR 20mn into an investment body known as Portugal Ventures to help this.

Employment law in a Portugal

Employees in Portugal usually work 40-hour weeks (eight hours per day), though employment law will enable flexibility inbound instances up to a limit of sixty hours per week (12 hours per day).

Full-time staff is entitled to annual leave of twenty-two days, on high of the mandatory 9 days of public holidays.

Employment contracts in work equally to Portugal several European countries, with permanent, fixed-term, part-time and intermittent work contracts the foremost common strategies of employment.

Portuguese work visas and residence permits

Citizens from the EU, European Economic space (EEA) and Swiss Confederation moving to Portugal won’t want any official allow to figure however they’re needed to search out employment and apply for a residency card inside six months. If you miss the six-month cut-off, you may face penalties. If you don’t have employment that pays a daily financial gain, your application could also be refused. Once you discover employment or begin a business, you’ll then apply for the obligatory residence card.

If you’re a non-EU subject you’ll usually have to be compelled to acquire a visa to figure in a Portugal. If you’re solely operating within the country on a short-run contract, you’ll get a short-lived keep visa, that is mostly valid for up to 3 months.

For longer-term Jobs in Portugal, you’ll 1st have to be compelled to get a Portuguese residence allow by applying to the overall Secretariat of the Ministry of Education and Science (SGM). this may enable you to remain in a Portugal for four months whereas you apply for a short-lived residence allow, that is valid for one year and might then be revived. you’ll apply for this by contacting the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

As a non-EU national you’ll notice it tough to secure a piece allow, as corporations are usually meant to supply positions 1st to Portuguese voters or EU/EEA nationals. as long as nobody from that cluster is qualified might the corporate extend a suggestion to somebody else. If you possess specialized skills that are onerous to amass, then you’ve got a larger likelihood of obtaining a suggestion of jobs in Portugal.

The easiest thanks to getting a Portuguese legal document can in all probability be to figure for a transnational that operates in a Portugal. The advantage is that the corporate typically takes care of all of the work.


While speaking fluent Portuguese is, in fact, a bonus, there are jobs in a Portugal for English speakers.

If language may be a barrier, there are many establishments providing language categories, CESA languages and also the Eurolingua Institute.

Should you attempt to search for employment within the touristry sector, speaking different European languages appreciate German, French, and Spanish will be terribly helpful.

Qualifications and references

Most major European countries are signed up to the Bologna method, through that your qualifications from your home country are going to be recognized in a Portugal. If your country isn’t signed up, you ought to instead contact the National tutorial Recognition data Centre (NARIC) to confirm your qualifications are recognized.

Where to search out jobs in Portugal?

English speaking jobs

If you’re in search of a communicatory job, then Jobs in Portugal may be a start line, with a spread of each full-time and part-time jobs listed and also the possibility of uploading your CV.

It’s conjointly priced keeping a watch on English newspapers, appreciate European country Resident, that runs job adverts in its classifieds section.

Recruitment agencies

As a start line, look within the Portuguese phone book underneath Pessoal temporário and Pessoal recruitment e seleção. you’ll conjointly inspect Expatica’s achievement agency listings here.

Foreign instruction

To teach English in a very college in a Portugal, you’ll usually have to be compelled to have a BA degree and a TEFL certification. Most teaching contracts begin in September and finish in late June, and a few academics conjointly like better to teach at English camps within the summer or war personal lessons. the most cities for teaching jobs are port, Porto, Coimbra and urban center, and there are over thirty English colleges across the country.

Embassies and foreign organizations

The British Embassy in port advertises jobs from time-to-time. also as engaged on policy problems, the embassy offers varied services for British nationals in port as well as help with emergency travel documentation.


Portuguese newspapers appreciate Correio American state Manhã, Diário American state Notícias, Jornal American state Notícias (jobs page) and Expresso (jobs portal) square measure price finding out to stay a watch on vacancies across European country.

Make the primary move – speculative applications

There’s no damage in sacking some speculative applications to corporations you’d significantly prefer to work for. the simplest thanks to noticing the contact details of appropriate corporations are either by exploitation the Portuguese phone book (Paginas Amarillas) or Portuguese phonebook (Paginas Brancas) or by finding out individual company websites.

For inspiration for leading Portuguese corporations, you’ll cross-check the nice Places to Work’s list of best workplaces in Portugal. massive corporations in European country embrace Accenture, British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Deloitte, Europages, Hewlett Packard, Kompass, Liberty Seguros, Mapfre, Martifer, PwC, and Re/Max Portugal.

Traineeships, internships, and volunteering in a Portugal

University graduate will notice EU-based traineeships via the Commission Traineeships workplace (Bureau American state Stages), otherwise, you’ll hunt for internships and placements on AIESEC (for students and up to date graduates) or IAESTE (for students in science, engineering and applied arts). Internships may also be found at Europlacement and Intern Abroad.

For those aged between seventeen and thirty, you’ll notice volunteer programs at the ECU Voluntary Service (EVS), wherever you’ve employed abroad for up to twelve months in exchange for board, food, insurance and a tiny low allowance. Concordia is another organization for volunteer opportunities.

Tips for applying for Jobs in Portugal

  • Application forms are common; some forms elicit customary data whereas others raise open queries.
  • Some corporations need on-line applications: ensure your CV headlines are clear and opt for a comprehensible font just in case the leader scans your application.
  • If you’re causation paper applications, covering letters ought to be now not then one aspect of A4 whereas CVs could also be up to four pages long (although a most of 1 to 2 pages is often advised).
  • You could also be asked to connect a photograph.
  • Don’t send copies of instructional certificates together with your application, however, do take them on if you get an interview.
  • The interview method will generally embrace psychological science, psychological or technical tests.
  • Don’t expect a speedy response once an interview; it will take a while to search out whether or not you were productive (or not).

Below may be an outline of wherever to appear for employment.

  • Industries: touristry, land, edifice and job, public services, agriculture, energy and water provision, retail.
  • The decision and speak to centers and shared services centers square measure recent growth areas.
  • There are shortages in seasonal jobs within the touristry sector, edifice and job services, the health sector (doctors with varied specializations), the knowledge technology sector (engineers, analysts, programmers, and software system and hardware technicians) and decision and speak to center management.
  • Main cities: Port, Porto, Port Vila Novo, Amadora, Braga, Almada, Coimbra, Funchal.

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