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Resume or CV for Jobs in Qatar

Jobs in QatarIn Qatar, you must usually use a CV once applying for jobs in Qatar. In brief, the distinction between a resume and a CV is:

  • Resume- transient summary of labor and academic expertise. outstanding within the North American country once applying for employment. usually one page.
  • CV (curriculum vitae) – additional exhaustive verify work and academic expertise. outstanding in Europe, the center East and Asia. usually 2 or additional pages.

If you’re still confused regarding formats, see our article on “CV versus Résumé?”.

The layout of a CV for jobs In Qatar

The UK and European CV formats area unit acceptable for jobs in Qatar. The CV ought to contain:

  • Contact Information: Relevant personal contact data at the highest of the page including name, signaling, fax number, address, and email address.
  • Professional Experience: sometimes this data is listed chronologically, along with your most up-to-date expertise 1st. List your work expertise with your title, the name of the corporate you worked for, the dates of your employment, and a quick description of your achievements in this job
  • Education: ought to embrace data from instruction, resembling any faculty expertise. Note specialties and degrees. This section ought to precede work expertise if you’re at school or are out of college for one to 3 years, betting on your level of labor expertise and the way relevant your education is to your career. List your most up-to-date academic expertise 1st.
  • Certificates & Diplomas: Courses, seminars, congresses or conferences that area unit relevant to the relevancy of the position. Note if you received any special honors.
  • Languages: this can be very relevant to world jobs in Qatar. List that languages you speak and your level: advanced, intermediate or beginner. If you are not positive a way to accurately describe your language level, see the EU’s language levels self-assessment guide. suggests if you’ll be able to translate, speak, or write in every language and list any associated degrees. If you’re submitting your resume in English and it’s not your natural language, make certain to possess a verbalizer browse it 1st. Punctuation and synchronic linguistics are very vital.
  • Computer Skills: Indicate your proficiency in programs, applications, data processing, database, net expertise, etc.
  • Interests: you’ll embrace personal interests resembling hobbies, sports, activities. make certain to form these relevant to the position.

Tips on writing a CV for Jobs in Qatar

  • Style ought to be easy and taciturn. Use commonplace paper and a straightforward font, resembling Times New Roman (12 font) or Arial (10) font
  • Print original copies on prime quality paper – do not send photocopies.
  • Be neat. pay attention to the presentation, design, spaces, and orthography of your resume. do not use abbreviations. Emphasize sections and things that are vital with underlines or daring sort.
  • Make positive your CV is as organized as attainable, therefore the data are often found simply.
  • You don’t have to be compelled to date or sign your resume.
  • Have a base CV that you just will comply with every jobs in Qatar you’re applying for.

Cover Letter for jobs in Qatar

A cover letter sometimes accompanies a CV in a very application. in the format of a letter, it establishes your tone and intent.


  • Header – commonplace letter vogue, with the sender’s address and different data, the recipient’s contact data, and therefore the date sent once either the sender’s or the recipient’s address. the ultimate a part of the header may be a salutation (e.g., “Dear Hiring Managers”).
  • Introduction – The introduction of short states the particular position desired and may be designed to catch the employer’s immediate interest.
  • Body – Highlights material within the resume or application, and explains why the work-seeker is inquisitive about the work and would be valuable to the leader. Also, matters mentioned usually embrace skills, qualifications, and past expertise. If there area unit any special things to notice resembling convenience date, they’ll be enclosed in addition.
  • Closing – Sums up the letter and indicates future step the someone expects to require. it’s going to indicate that the someone intends to contact the leader; though several favors the additional indirect approach of mere expression that the someone can forestall to hearing from or speaking with the employer.

Search Jobs in Qatar

Besides search engines and newspapers, you would possibly additionally look for jobs on the websites of corporations you’re inquisitive about operating for (i.e. specific hotels or oil companies). massive native corporations in Qatar that could strive contacting embrace Qatar Airways and therefore the Hamad Medical Corporation.

Employment Search Engine Jobs in Qatar

Search engines enable you to scan an oversized kind of jobs, and slender down your search supported specific sure criteria. it’s additionally an honest plan to post your CV online if the search engines permits, thus hiring managers will notice you. Search engines can also enable you to sign-up for e-mail alerts of once new jobs become out there.

Networking in Qatar

Sometimes obtaining employment is regarding knowing the correct folks, and this can be true in port. seek advice from friends, family, and business contacts to envision if they need connections within the space you’d prefer to work. Expat events may be a good thanks to resolving however different expats found work and see if their company has any openings. Use social media resembling Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or forums.

If you’re reaching to port with a spouse equivalent who already has employment, generally, your spouse’s leader is often a wonderful networking contact since they have already got an oversized network of native contacts.

Recruitment Agencies to provide jobs in Qatar

Most agencies in port concentrate on a specific field, resembling computers, engineering, nursing, accounting, catering, or construction. There are also”Headhunting” agencies that are employed by massive corporations to recruit executives, managers or professionals.

Career Fairs for jobs in Qatar

Career fairs are a wonderful thanks to resolving regarding out there jobs and opportunities. There is sometimes an oversized kind of employers you’ll be able to visit in in some unspecified time in the future and apply. Entrance is sometimes free, however registering on-line could be inspired. Bring your resume and dress well and cautiously, as there are also interviews on the spot.

Qatar’s annual Career honest is controlled every year in April at the Qatar National Convention Centre. For additional data visit the Qatar Career honest web site.

You can additionally strive to reach to career fairs in your home country that concentrates on jobs abroad.

Temporary Agencies

If you’re in want of short-run work of any kind, there are agencies that may notice your employment with another company. Jobs could accommodate official procedure, aid, gardening, security or the other kinds of work. they’re going to try and match with occupations that suit your talent set. As one more bonus, generally short-run work will result in a longer contract.

Teaching English jobs in Qatar

English-speaking expats are in high demand for teaching English. Language colleges sometimes need candidates to possess TEFL course certificates and a school degree.

You must have adequate visa clearance and registration. most colleges can offer you the intent to use this you’ll be able to secure a visa.

ESL teaching jobs in port vary from preschool to middle school level at non-public and international colleges, in addition as dedicated ESL colleges, and universities. Middle and middle school positions area unit usually subject-specific. Teaching English jobs in Qatar supply salaries of QR 9,000 to QR 14,000 per month, tax-free. authorized ESL lecturers in port can also receive edges add to their earnings.

Teaching non-public categories jobs in Qatar

It is additionally associate degree choice to offer non-public lessons. This area unit sometimes additional profitable per hour, however, need loads additional work finding customers. the most effective thanks to getting non-public students is to post advertisements in business newspapers, on bulletin boards, or supply your resume on expat sites like straightforward Expat’s Job Listings.

Teaching Certificates

TESOL (also referred to as TEFL) is that the signifier for Teaching English to Speakers of different Languages. A TESOL certificate is that the commonest qualification needed to show English abroad. Their area unit a large kind of TESOL courses out there, starting from 4-week intensive, schoolroom based mostly TESOL courses with TEFL International, to TESOL courses studied online. it’s even attainable to mix an amount of online study with a shorter schoolroom based mostly course.

In addition to straightforward TESOL certificate courses, there are additional specialized courses resembling courses for teaching business English, teaching English with restricted resources, or teaching English to young learners. there’s additionally the additional advanced TESOL credentials course.

Be sure to say your teacher’s certificate qualifications once contacting prospective employers. If you haven’t however received your teacher’s certificate and have an interest in getting one, you must weigh the professionals and cons of every certification sort. Some colleges solely settle for lecturers with TESOL credentials courses, whereas others settle for basic TEFL certifications.

Prepare Interview for jobs in Qatar

Interviews are an opportunity for a corporation to urge to grasp you before hiring. you must additionally become aware of the corporate. analysis of the corporate before the interview to get their missions and direction, and the way you match into their company culture. it’s not uncommon for there to be a series of interviews.

Interviews Tips for Jobs in Qatar:

  • Dress showing neatness and cautiously. Some time unit contracts dictate what’s acceptable wear. Generally, this consists of dresses trousers skirts below the knee, blouses with a modest neckline, and no below 0.5 sleeves.
  • Arrive on time, or early.
  • Bring your CV, card, and copies of the certificates.
  • Ask queries. Demonstrate your data and interest, however, be respectful.
  • Thank the querier for his or her time.

Negotiating a contract go for Jobs in Qatar

Once you discover employment, throughout negotiation you must discuss the subsequent along with your prospective employer:

  • When you may receive your 1st cheque. generally, this could take a pair of to three months.
  • Which days and shifts are to be worked. many folks in Qatar work a six-day week.
  • Accommodation: If accommodation is going to be enclosed or if you may be offered an accommodation allowance.
  • Bills: If these are going to be enclosed in your contract.
  • Flights: If your leader can give yearly flights home for you and your family.
  • Family: If you’re able to bring your family to Qatar. If so, accommodation and education for your family are sometimes provided. you may need leader support to bring your family to the country.
  • Bonuses: If bonuses area unit provided and once.
  • Health insurance: If your leader can give insurance.

Work Visas & Permits for jobs in Qatar

Who needs to figure in Qatar need a contract allow. to get a contract a allow, a leader in Qatar should sponsor you. you need to acquire a contract allow before applying for a Qatar Residence allow, that makes it necessary to search out employment before moving to Qatar. or else, you’ll be able to return to Qatar for a brief amount to go looking for employment an Entry Visa.

To apply for a contract allow you must:

  • Have your academic and private documents verified. I.e. diplomas, degrees, transcripts, wedding certificates, etc. could get to be genuine by the ministry within the country of issue (your home country, for example) and therefore the Qatar embassy.
  • Pass a medical check
  • Have your fingerprints taken

Your sponsoring leader will guide you through the work papers method.

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