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Best USA Visa Consultants in Delhi, India

visa consultants in DelhiChoosing to migrate from one country to another has invariably been an uphill task of collection the specified documents to method your application with an aspiration to induce a preferred fashion and higher opportunities to figure. We Offer Best Visa Consultants in Delhi, India.  At this stage within the world, USA is that the pre-eminent and therefore the safest place to measure, study and work as a migrator. several foreign nationals plan to figure within the USA however, because of restrictive regimes, it’s terribly arduous to get us working papers. The USA employers hardly sponsor the H1-B  work permits due to robust rules by the US government.

In order to figure within the USA, you want to have a relevant visa. All US employers are obligatory to prove that staff is licitly able to add the US If an individual isn’t a national or a lawful permanent resident of US they’ll want a allow to figure, in official terms it’s called an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), to certify eligibility to figure within the US an EAD may be a card that’s usually valid for one year and is exchangeable and renewable. Our visa consultants in Delhi would be the one-stop solutions for your USA visa requirements.

H-1B (Specialty Occupation)

Work visa for the USA from India means that H1B visa. currently days it’s terribly arduous to induce this visa due to trump’s stiff visa policies towards H1B. it’s conjointly become tough for college students in the USA to get the H1B visa.

To qualify, you want to have a bachelor’s or higher degree within the specialty field that you ask for employment. USCIS can ascertain whether or not your employment includes a specialty occupation and whether or not you’re practiced to perform the duties. An employer is needed to lodge a labor condition application with the Department of Labour relating to the terms and conditions of its contract of employment with you.

Fail to Get The USA PR Or Work Visa? What Next?

Immigration has invariably been a subject of moot within the USA that individuals are finding it very tough to enter the USA for study or work purpose. Visa consultants in Delhi are here because of tight rules, it’s become terribly arduous to get permanent residency in the USA, therefore aspirants like better to head to Canada as rules are less complicated relatively and Canada has invariably been terribly amiable towards immigrants.

Migrate To Canada

Canada is that the second largest country within the world with a meager population of approx four hundred million individuals solely that is cherished Delhi-NCR cities. So, there’s Brobdingnagian scope for individuals to migrate and find Canadian Citizenship. Canada invariably had a shortage of practiced staff and that they were quite permissive however definitely additional heedful on who ought to immigrate to their country. Canada’s categorical Entry system has accelerated processes that facilitate to get an express permanent residency is far easier than obtaining the US’s positive identification. except for this, Canada offers far better living standards to the immigrants.

What Canada Immigration Offers Me?

We invariably suggest individuals settle on immigration (permanent residency) over working papers as a result of on turning into a Permanent Resident in Canada or Australia you’ll be able to avail bound rights and privileges, even supposing you stay a national of your home country. A permanent resident and their dependents have the proper to receive most social advantages that Canadian and Australian citizen receive like

  • Free health care help for the landed migrator and their dependent relations
  • To live, work or study anyplace in a Canada
  • To apply for Canadian citizenship once the completion of three years stays etc.

Looking For Successful Visa Approval?

The PR visa rejection rate is kind of high and therefore the visa process fee is additionally Brobdingnagian. Hence, we’d suggest you require skilled immigration service’s instead of handling the file on your own which can end in the refusal of the file which would spoil your probabilities of migrating even in future. There are vast opportunities to earn well in Australia and North American nation except for the above-listed advantages. Hence, we’d counsel you to go to our workplace for an in-depth discussion with our legal specialists and take things forward in an exceedingly skilled manner. Our initial eligibility assessment consultation is free.