Candidate Verification

Candidate VerificationBefore shortlisting the candidate for interview method we tend to conduct verification method of the candidate from our finish. it’s done therefore on avoid all the academic, residential and plenty of alternative duplications and permits the purchasers to hire confidently. Validation of the candidate’s square measure wiped out the partnership with first, that certified  Company specializing all told kinds of background verification for employment functions. We could be a business conglomerate with its footprints in IT land, IT Services, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism etc. With our specialized consultants, sound and tested technology, knowledge security method, quality service and particularly our moral business services we tend to believe that Careercartz.com is thought to produce the simplest work workforce to its customers.

We First bear with following candidate verification checks

Employment check

We listen to the transient description of the corporation within which candidates are operating or had worked earlier and perceived the talents nonheritable by the candidate therein company and the way a lot of it’s relevant as per the necessity of their customers. Review method is completed in the account of the length of employment, the position of the person therein organization and plenty of alternative employment connected validation.

Education check

Cross-check is completed relating to the candidate education and any half-truths directly LED to the rejection. Education check conjointly includes validation of awards, accolades or the other special recognition.

Reference check

The reference check is sort of essential because it is that the best thanks to confirming what person is admittedly like. Clients’ want candidates who will maintain knowledge confidentiality thus we offer best services in partnership with first come first serve by scrutinizing the candidates fastidiously from our finish.

Credentials check

CareerCartz in partnership with various ventures validates the credentials and certificates of the candidates. All the knowledge provided by the candidate is gathered, formatted then cross-checked with the involved agencies or firms.

Address Check

It appears address check isn’t, therefore, vital for business functions, however, what if the worker absconds then there’s no answer to search out him, however, the verified address data helps them clients with the physical address verification of the candidate.

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