Machine Learning Engineer

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Job description / Role

Machine Learning Engineer

The company has designed a revolutionary digital K12 educational framework that is powered by a 9 layered technology stack which includes Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Hyper-interactive media (VR and AR) built to create a much more effective and streamlined educational environment for students. Backed by a large Financial Group they are now implementing a Global Recruitment drive for a talented Machine Learning Engineer to join their team in Abu Dhabi.

Roles and responsibilities:

Machine Learning Engineer

• Design and prototype algorithms that run on cloud based big data environments.
• Develop feature specifications and performance metrics to capture requirements
• Assemble representative data sets and use them to train and test new algorithms.
• Document designs and report results to product management on a regular basis
• Identify opportunities for new algorithms and hardware improvements for future products.
• Develop and maintain data infrastructure systems that power statistical and machine learning models on large-scale datasets.
• Own data quality throughout all data lifecycles, including acquisition, cleaning, processing, and validation.
• Build platforms to facilitate the rapid iteration of machine learning and optimization algorithms.
• Work closely with Data science and Data engineering teams.
• Identify new ideas to build and evolve Machine Learning solutions, develop new features and benchmark possible solutions.
• Understand algorithms (be able to tweak them when needed) as well as infrastructure that enables fast iterations
• Experienced user of libraries such as scikit-learn, scipy, R, NetworkX, Spacy, and NLTK.
• Working experience of deep learning algorithms and workflows, and experience with any of the frameworks like Torch, Caffe, MXNet, TensorFlow.
• Knowledge in Spark, Hive, Cassandra, Kafka and NoSQL databases is plus
• Ability to meaningfully present results of analyses in a clear and impactful manner


Machine Learning Engineer

Skills required:
• Hands on experience with Python, R, Scala, Java
• Exposure to machine learning frameworks: Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, MXNet
• First-hand experience with a variety of machine learning and pattern recognition techniques
• Develop in Jupyter (IPython) notebook, Spyder and various IDE
• Engineer new features to improve algorithm predictions
• Experience in productionizing data-driven algorithms
• 5 + years of strong data analysis skills, including principal component analysis, working with Recurrent neural networks
• Intuitive ability to see a complex problem from many perspectives
• Organized, detail-oriented and pragmatic
• Thrives in both independent work and in collaboration on a multi-disciplinary team
• Experience in working on datasets related to industry verticals, preferably Education Science
• AWS or similar cloud platform exposure
• Experience working with educational data sets.
• Excellent communication skills.

About the Company

The TechStream Group is an award winning, multi brand, talent investor & incubator. Each of our brands focus on unique technology “streams” that are disrupting & transforming the world around us.

Each of our brands are unique to the technology market they operate within, whilst being interconnected by our “Stream” branding sequence.

We follow a proven global operating model that utilizes cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence & analytics, all supported by a shared service & innovation centre in South Africa. Our Board of Directors and Senior Management team are passionate about talent & technology and strive to deliver real client value from every brand across the full technology stack. Learn More

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